Bill Malone Dairy and The Cross Four River Ranch

Wadena County

Bill and Deana have a unique family history. Bill began his career in the dairy industry as a child working on his parents’ farm in Rockwood Township. After high school graduation and living out west for a few years, Bill realized he missed farming and returned to Rockwood Township to start his own farm. Today, the farm is comprised of 240 owned acres and 190 acres of rented land. The farm is home to a 45-cow tie-stall barn and Cross Four River Ranch with Hereford and Black Angus cattle. Bill raised three daughters on the farm and he and Deana still live there today.

Deana and her late husband, Tinker Skov, entered the livestock industry around 1990, when they purchased his grandparents’ farm north of Nimrod. In 2009, Tinker died in a ranch accident. Deana and their son, Logan, decided to continue the operation. They reduced the number of bred cows so Deana could continue working off the ranch and Logan could devote time to school.

In 2013, Bill and Deana were married. It was deemed the “joining of two herds.”

Bill takes on most of the dairy farm responsibilities and Deana takes care of the beef operation, both helping the other when and wherever needed. Bill plants and harvests all his own feed for the dairy as well as supplying some of the hay needs of the beef cattle. Bill, along with his brother, Dan, and cousin, John, help each other out at harvest. Logan and his wife, Whitney, have off-farm employment but continue to provide extra help.

Bill’s three daughters, Megan Woodard, Kristen Ahlers, and Rebecca Groft, all learned to milk cows in their youth and provide backup to their dad.

Bill is a past board member of the Wadena County DHIA and ADA. Deana is involved in several organizations including the Minnesota State Cattlemen’s Association, Nimrod Community Hall Association, and Sebeka United Methodist Church.


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