Eric and Lisa Klein

Wabasha County

The farm was purchased by Lisa’s grandmother in the 1950s. In the ’60s, Lisa’s dad started milking cows and in the 1970s he stopped using pesticides. Lisa’s father quit milking cows around 1990 and after the cows were sold the family began raising beef, pigs and chickens and dabbled in direct marketing. In 1997, Lisa and Eric came home to farm after they were married.

Hidden Stream Farm is made up of rolling hills and the Kleins have installed contour strips as a way of controlling soil runoff. The family believes that healthy soil is important to healthy crops, livestock and people. Eric and Lisa have followed her father’s beliefs regarding healthy soils and healthy farms.

The Kleins are raising six children on their farm which is certified organic. They own 180 acres and rent another 280. The family has about 60 head of stocker cattle, 800 hogs, 4,000 chickens and 200 layers. The Kleins direct-market all the animals they raise to consumers and wholesale customers. Lisa and Eric’s three oldest children are involved in the farming business and have their own enterprises. Andrew and Katy run a thriving egg business and Ben grows vegetables. The three younger children, Sarah, Isaac and April, are learning responsibility by helping around the farm.

Eric and Lisa are involved in the Land Stewardship Project’s Farm Beginnings Program. Lisa serves as a panelist for Farm Transition Planning Workshops for LSP. The couple has participated in the Minnesota Cooks program at the Minnesota State Fair. Lisa is a volleyball coach and the family is very involved in their church.


Wabasha County

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