Joan James and Coleen Gregor

Ramsey County

Joan and Coleen have been providing organic vegetables as well as production education for residential and community organizations in the Twin Cities area and surrounding communities for over a decade. The couple’s business has grown every year as more consumers want to know where their food comes from. Joan and Coleen take care of more than 100 garden sites and teach vegetable production, often in small, urban farms and gardens.

Joan has been backyard farming since she was a little girl. Her specialty is growing heirloom tomatoes—especially in a vertical growing system. She loves sharing her knowledge of succession and high-density planting. Coleen grew up in a farming and gardening family in southern Minnesota. When she moved to St. Paul in 1984, she began to adapt her growing methods to small yards and community gardens.

Joan and Colleen have many friends and relatives who have worked, or are currently working, to help make A Backyard Farm a success including Diane James, Gretchen Thom, Payton James, Nicholas James, Andrew Gregor, Alex Gregor, and Jake James.

The many organizations that Joan and Coleen work with include the St. Paul, Edina, Farmington and Prior Lake school districts; Jewish Community Center of St. Paul; Center for Victims of Torture; the Little Kitchen Food Shelf; Crystal Community Center; and Good Shepherd School.


Ramsey County

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