Jeff and Eunice Boerboom Family

Murray County

Over the past 20 years the Boerbooms have been farming up to 270 acres while raising 20 head of Angus cows and feeding about 6,000 head of wean-to-finish hogs. They also raised four children: Jacob, Cameron, Alyssa and Lucas.

Currently, the Boerbooms are in the milk goat business and they raise a few head of cattle. The family runs a lawn care business and Jeff is a Pioneer Seed dealer in Slayton. The family milks Nubian goats and makes cheese and caramel that Eunice and Alyssa sell locally. 

Jeff is the president of the Murray County Pork Producers Association and takes an active role in planning the annual farmer’s share breakfast in the county. Jeff serves on the Murray County Fair Board and is an elder at the family’s church. Jeff and Eunice are 4-H volunteers and help support local 4-H members. Alyssa and Lucas are both enrolled in 4-H.


Murray County

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