Nelson Grass Farm

Kanabec County

In 2011, Ryan and Desiree Nelson purchased their 76-acre farm near Ogilvie in Kanabec County. A year later, doing business as Nelson Grass Farm, the Nelsons raised their first batch of broilers, along with laying hens and pigs rotating on pasture in mobile shelters. The family direct markets their pasture-raised meat and eggs to consumers.

This year, the Nelsons are raising 500 laying hens, 2,000 broilers and 30 pigs on pasture. The farm is home to two livestock guardian dogs to help protect their livestock.

Ryan and Desiree run the farm. Ryan is the master builder and business expert. Desiree maintains the records, handles orders and does weekly deliveries. The couple manages the day-to-day chores together. Ryan and Desiree’s two children, Olivia and Cooper, lend a hand where they can and keep busy in Kanabec County 4-H.

The Nelsons are members of the Sustainable Farming Association, where Ryan serves as a board member of the East Central chapter. They are also members of the American Pastured Poultry Association and they are enrolled in the Minnesota Agricultural Water Quality Certification program of the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.


Kanabec County

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