Bolduan Family Farm

Houston County

Cindy Bolduan’s late husband, Michael, purchased the family farm from a relative in 1993. The farm was rented out during the family’s first several years of ownership because Michael was a semi-truck driver and spent a lot of time on the road. Over time, Cindy started taking care of more of the daily operations of the farm while Mike was driving. The family began feeding out dairy steers and raising corn and hay to feed to the livestock. Later, the family purchased 25 beef cows.

In 2017, the Bolduans had a confinement barn built to feed out 150 head of cattle. The family finishes another 100 head at Mike’s parents’ farm. The Bolduans also have a herd of 50 beef cows and finish their own calves. The farm produces all its own livestock feed on 390 acres of cropland and pasture.

Cindy is a full time operator of the farm and her two daughters, Hannah and Heidi, help where it’s needed on the farm when they are home from college. Hannah and Heidi also have their own herd of Registered Red Angus cows.

The Bolduans are involved with many local organizations including FFA and 4-H, their church, and the Houston County Cattlemen’s Association.


Houston County

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