Nelson Family Farms

Fillmore County

Joe and Barb Nelson grew up on their families’ farms within a few miles of where they now live in southeastern Minnesota’s Fillmore County. The Nelsons purchased their farm in 1985.

Today, Nelson Family Farms focuses on generating elite quality Simmental and Angus seedstock. The family strives to raise practical cattle that excel in terms of longevity and performance, with added eye appeal. Artificial insemination and embryo transfer technologies play a vital role in the Nelsons’ ability to access and proliferate some of the best genetics in the country.

The Nelsons hold their annual female sale the first Friday in December, selling bred females and show heifer prospects. They also offer bulls for sale privately at the farm. The family sends its feeder cattle to Iowa Corn Beef, owned and operated by Joe and Barb’s son, Matt, and his wife, Jordan, to be finished. The Nelsons believe ownership of the cattle through harvest allows them to closely monitor performance data.

Matt and Jordan have two children, Maverick and Quinn. Joe and Barb’s daughter, Kayla, and her husband Gabe Chase, have a daughter, Claire.

The family is involved in the Fillmore County Cattlemen’s Association and the Mabel Lions Club. The Nelsons are very involved in 4-H and FFA and the Minnesota Simmental Association and the Minnesota Angus Association.


Fillmore County

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