Pearson Family Farm

Anoka County

Pearson Family Farm is a multi-generational family farm working together to provide families with great products. Pearson Farm is run by Alan and Betty Pearson and their son Dan and his wife, Cory. Initially, their crop focus was corn and hay while raising dairy and beef cattle. Today, the family raises natural pasture-raised chickens and clean rye straw in small squares that are frequently used for straw bale gardening. The family also offers a few round bales, corn, soybeans and occasionally oats. 

In September and October, they have family fun farm activities, over 50 varieties of pumpkins, gourds, and squash, corn stalks, broom corn, their special home-grown popcorn, fall décor and more. The barn is transformed every fall into a delightful boutique of many of the things grown on the farm as well as antiques and other treasured finds from around the farm. 

 The Pearson family is deeply committed to helping others understand farm life and to understand where and how food is produced.

Alan served on the Ramsey City Council and has been active in the community over the years. The Pearson family farm has hosted many local groups including Camilla Rose Nursing Home and local group homes residents who have a chance to hold chickens and participate in a modified hayride. The Pearsons offer home school and public school field trips where students spend a day on the farm and learn about the life of a farm family.


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