Kenny and Vicky Dohrn family

Wabasha County

Kenny’s parents purchased the farm when Kenny was two years old. It was sold in 1975 and had two other owners before Kenny and Vicky returned. They started renting the farm in the early 1980s and moved into the home in 1985. Two years later they were able to purchase the farm.

The Dohrns milked cows for about 20 years and sold their herd in 2002. At that time they milked close to 200 cows. They currently raise 85 beef cows and 100 steers. They cash crop corn and soybeans and raise hay for their cattle. The Dohrns own 1,300 acres and rent another 400.

Kenny and Vicky have two sons and two daughters. Their oldest son, Mike, helps with the crops in the spring and fall. Another son, Matt, owns and operates Plainview Powersports in Plainview. Their daughters, Missy and Miranda, along with their husbands, help with the cattle and some of the field work. The Dohrns have five grandchildren: Millie, Nora, Archer, Henlee and Wyatt. 

Kenny served on the Wabasha County Cattlemen board for 15 years where he served several terms as president. He helped start the food stand at the Wabasha County Fair. The Dohrns were on the Wabasha County Purple Ribbon Committee for several years. Vicky was a member of the 4-H executive committee. The Dohrns are 4-H volunteers and lease cattle to local 4-H members for shows. Kenny and Vicky are active in their church.



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