Seeds of Hope Community Garden

Ramsey County

Seeds of Hope Community Garden started a decade ago. The garden is a 3-part charter agreement of one-third New Life Presbyterian church members, one-third surrounding community non-church members, and one-third immigrant populations. The garden supports vegetable growing for about 28 people and their families. All garden plots are rented by gardeners to grow their own vegetables.

In addition to rented garden plots, the garden also has designated food shelf plots where organizers plant, grow and deliver fresh vegetables to surrounding food shelves. This is managed by the participating gardeners and church volunteers. The garden doesn’t use herbicides or pesticides and limits use of fertilizers to only those that are approved by the Garden Coordinating Committee.

Seeds of Hope Community Garden works with the Como Seed Library to host seed saver events. The garden hosts several other community events throughout the growing season and an end-of-season potluck.

Darby Laing is the garden’s coordinator, working with the gardeners, cleaning and maintaining equipment, and organizing events. Michael Wilson, Ken Kamau, Riz Prakaisim and Bill Peterson are team members that help make Seeds of Hope Community Garden a success.



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