Gordon Vadis and Sandy Davis

Anoka County

Gordon Vadis and Sandy Davis are owner/operators of the Bug Company, an animal nutrition business based in Ham Lake that raises and packages a variety of live insects. The family has been in the animal food business since 1947. From simple beginnings selling bait to Minnesota fisherman the Bug Company has evolved and expanded significantly. 

In 2002, Gordon and his wife, Sandy, launched BugBox!Crickets, a prepacked system that creates a more convenient, neat, and cost-effective way to buy and sell feeder crickets. BugBox packages are made of breathable, earth-friendly fiberboard that eliminates the moisture found in plastic containers. 

The Bug Company sells insects it raises throughout the U.S. and Canada. In 2007, the company expanded its market reach to include the birding and nature product industry. Insects are sold to retailers serving pet owners and birding enthusiasts.

Gordon and Sandy take pride in being leaders in reptile and bird nutrition innovations, addressing health, flavor, and freshness as well as packaging and retail merchandising. Gordon, the “Cricketeer,” is considered a leading expert worldwide in cricket-rearing.

Sandy and Gordon are very committed to educating others on the benefits of live insects and the responsibility of caring for our natural resources. The couple has held numerous workshops in schools and at community events.


Anoka County

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