Ray and Lisa Cochran

Wadena County

Since purchasing their property in 1993, Ray and Lisa have raised three daughters and practically every type of livestock. They started with hobby-type animals and have slowly transitioned to more traditional stock. In recent years the family has scaled back to their current operation which includes 45 head of commercial sheep and registered Boer goats. The Cochrans sell about two-thirds of their lamb and kid crop to market and the rest are either sold as registered breeding stock or fed out for private sales. Ray and Lisa also raise exhibition poultry.

The Cochrans both work off the farm: Ray at Lund Boats and Lisa at the Verndale School. All the farm chores are handled by them now that their daughters, Madigan, Mackenzie and Meredith, are grown. When they were younger, the girls helped with the assortment of tasks required on the farm and they participated in various 4-H programs.

Even though their daughters are now 4-H alumni, Ray and Lisa continue to support 4-H. Many of their birds or other animals are used by 4-H members in their projects. The Cochrans still help at the Pride Auction and recently started Llama judging at area county fairs.

Ray is certified as a Minnesota poultry testing agent and Lisa is a member of the American Boer Goat Association.

Wadena County, Ray and Lisa Cochran

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