Growing West Side

Ramsey County

Growing West Side, based in the West Side neighborhood of St. Paul, is a grassroots collaborative whose mission is to cultivate opportunities to learn, increase access to locally grown foods, and nurture connections between neighbors.

Expanding on a tiny market started by local growers in the neighborhood, the organization launched the West Side Farmers Market in 2012. It has since become a weekly market offering locally produced, affordable food, along with live entertainment and a place for neighbors to gather. In the past, Growing West Side supported a community orchard, a youth gardening club, and a community gardening project called Beans on the Boulevard.

The West Side Farmers Market continues to offer locally produced fruits and vegetables. The market provides tours to help new customers navigate the wide array of local foods and explore new food options. A new program called POP (Power of Produce) was introduced last year for young children to learn more about healthy and locally grown produce.

Growing West Side also maintains a seed library that provides local residents a place to find seeds for their gardens. The library provides culturally appropriate varieties of seeds for the community.

Educational programs include partnering with the St. Paul Public Library and Frogtown Green to offer classes on Hmong herbs, composting, apartment gardening, growing grapes, raising chickens in an urban setting, and more.

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