Besser Family Farm

Kanabec County

The Besser farm started in 1946 when Ed and Cella Besser purchased a farm south of Ogilvie in Kanabec County. The Bessers raised beef cattle, registered Duroc hogs and grew crops to feed the livestock. In the 1950s, Ed and Cella’s son, Morris, returned from time in the service and purchased a farm across the highway from his parents. In 1980, Morris’s son, Brian, started milking cows on his father’s farm. The farm operated as a dairy until 1998 when Brian converted to raising Holstein steers. Brian launched a grain trucking business in the mid-’90s. Today, the Besser farm is a cash crop enterprise and is operated by Brian and his two sons, Brandon and Blaine.

The Bessers raise 1,300 acres of corn and soybeans.

In addition to the crop operation, Brandon and his wife, Mary, help manage the family’s trucking business and operate a seed sales business. Blaine and his wife, Melissa, who purchased his grandparents’ neighboring farm in 2014, also help manage the crops and trucking business. Brian’s daughter, Katie, and her husband, Nathan Koenings, lend a hand when they are able.

The Bessers raise sweet corn for Ogilvie’s “Corn on the Curb” celebration and the family helps sponsor Santa Day at the Ogilvie Fire Department. Brandon serves on the board of directors of the East Central Corn Growers Association and Mary is vice president of the Kanabec County Fair Board.

Kanabec County, Besser Family Farm

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