Dave and Becky Ausen and Family

Freeborn County

The Ausen farm was settled in 1857 by Dave’s great-grandfather, Eric Olson, who changed his name to Aasen. Years later, Eric’s son, John, and his five sons took over the farming operation. Three of the sons changed the spelling of their last name to Ausen.

In 1963, Dave’s father built a 3,200 caged chicken house and raised a few head of cattle and hogs. In 1976, Dave rented his first farm and two years later took over the Ausen farming operation. In the 1980s, Dave phased out the chickens and added more cattle. In the 1990s, the farm became more crop-based.

The Ausen farm was hit by a devastating tornado in 2010, after which the family rebuilt.

Today Dave and Becky’s farm includes 1,100 acres of mostly corn and soybeans. The Ausens also custom farm for others.

Dave and Becky’s four daughters, Katie, Stefanie, Melissa and Jackie all grew up on the farm and Stefanie’s husband, Matt, and Jackie’s husband, Jeremy, currently help with daily farm operations. Dave’s brother, Bob, returns each fall to help with harvest.

Dave is a member of the Freeborn County Corn and Soybean Growers Association and a supervisor for the local soil and water conservation district. Becky is a member of the local Rotary and the Ausens are members of West Freeborn Lutheran church.

The Ausen’s’ daughters were all involved in 4-H growing up and Dave and Becky were 4-H adult leaders.

Freeborn County, Dave and Becky Ausen Family

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