Seven C Dairy

Carver County

Jeff and Tina Vinkemeier’s Seven C Dairy was homesteaded in 1859. The couple took over the dairy operation in 1997 as the sixth generation of the family to run the farm. At that time, the Vinkemeiers milked 45 cows, farrowed six sows and grew corn and alfalfa on 150 acres. A year later, a double-four, step-up parlor was installed in the old tie-stall barn. In 2005, the family built a 73-head free stall barn. Two years later, they added a calf/heifer barn.

Today, Seven C Dairy has 167 cows on test, and the Vinkemeiers finish dairy steers and grow 350 acres of corn, soybeans and alfalfa.

Jeff manages the dairy and handles the day-to-day work with the help of a few part-time employees. Tina takes care of the bookkeeping and registration of the purebred dairy animals.

Jeff and Tina’s daughter, Courtney, along with her family and the Vinkemeiers’ son, Caleb, took their passion for agriculture to Oregon last summer where they raise a variety of animals. Jeff and Tina’s daughter, Carley, graduated from Northeast Iowa Community College late last year, and their son, Collin, attends Ridgewater Community College studying dairy management. The Vinkemeiers’ other children, Canton and Cadee, help on the farm milking cows, feeding calves and various other jobs.

The Vinkemeiers are members of several dairy breed organizations including those for Jerseys, Ayrshires, Guernseys, Brown Swiss, Milking Shorthorns and Holsteins. The family has a long history of heavy involvement in dairy promotion activities and 4-H.

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