Kreitlow and Ford

Wright County

The Kreitlow and Ford farm was founded in 1898 by August and Pauline Kreitlow. The next generation to farm the land in Middleville Township was William and Esther Kreitlow. Willard Kreitlow is the third generation of the family to live on the farm and he has done so since he was born in 1922. The farm was primarily a dairy until the 1990s, when Willard sold the cows and continued to raise row crops and hay. Willard’s daughter, Marienne, moved back to the farm in 2002 with her husband, Jerry Ford.

The Kreitlow/Ford family credits much of their farm’s success to their highly cooperative relationship with their neighbor farmers, Kevin and Kelly Stokes. The family owns 288 acres and much of that is rented to the Stokes. All of the land is in soil and water conservation practices. Marienne and Jerry raise replacement heifers for the Stokes’ dairy and have a small grass-finished beef herd. They also grow organic garlic and potatoes for market in addition to eggs from their laying flock.

Willard Kreitlow is a founding member of the Wright County Parks Board and served for over 40 years. He served about as long on the Soil and Water Conservation District Board.

Jerry works for the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota and directs the Minnesota Garlic Festival. He is currently participating in research projects with the University of Minnesota and has volunteered with 4-H.

Marienne is a professional musician who regularly works with the music program at Buffalo United Methodist Church.


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