Lee and Laurie Paskewitz Family

Todd County

Lee and Laurie purchased their farm in 1991.  They moved to it with 12 cows, purchased 40 more, and soon added a free stall barn.  They continued to grow.

Today, the Paskewitz have a dairy herd of 250 cows—primarily Holsteins with some Jersey and Guernsey cows as well.  The family grows 250 acres of corn for silage and grain and 120 acres of alfalfa.

Lee is the owner-operator of the farm known as Solid Rock Dairy.  The Paskewitz children, Lindsay and Alek, worked on the dairy farm until they graduated from college and started careers of their own.  Son Colton continues to work on the farm when he’s home from college for the summer.

Lee and Laurie are active in their community.  Lee has served as chair of the Todd County DHIA board, served on the Todd County Extension Committee, was township board chair for six years and has volunteered as a football and basketball coach.  Laurie is a reading specialist at Staples Elementary School; she volunteers in the Staples Kinship Mentor program and is a member of the Staples Friends of the Library.

The Paskewitz family is very active in their local church.



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