Kasper Family Dairy

Steele County

Pete Kasper grew up on a family dairy farm near Ellendale and Karen grew up in Medford. Once the two were married--36 years ago--they envisioned purchasing their own dairy farm. The Kaspers’ family farm began 30 years ago with 65 Holsteins and has grown to more than 400 registered Holstein and Jersey cows.

The cows are housed in a free stall barn and have access to mattress stalls. The herd is milked twice a day in a double eight parallel parlor built in 1997. The Kaspers grow 200 acres of corn for silage and bale about 1,000 bales of grass hay in addition to 3,500 corn stalk bales for bedding.

Pete, Karen, and their son, Tony, share farm management duties. Pete, Tony and hired help handle the milking. Pete and Karen take care of the calves. Tony manages the feed rations and is in charge of breeding and sire selection. The Kaspers’ daughter, Stephanie, and daughter-in-law, Betsy, help out when they are available. The Kaspers have another daughter, Caitlin, who is married to Jason. Both Stephanie and Caitlin have careers in agriculture.

Pete serves on the Steele County ADA board and is a director with AMPI. He is also a DHIA director and is a member of a Mayo Clinic research team.

Karen is a director with the Midwest Dairy Association and is a district secretary with AMPI. She also devotes her time to the Monsanto Grow Agriculture Grant Board.




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