Radermacher Dairy LLC

Greg and Audrey Radermacher Family
Stearns County

Greg and Audrey purchased 160 acres in 1977. They bought 10 cows and three years later, they were milking 14 head and had seven springing heifers. In 1983, they bought 10 Jersey cows and continued to grow. Today, the family milks 206 cows and farms 390 acres of owned and rented land.

The Radermachers have five children. Their son, Aaron, graduated from Ridgewater College in 2001 and wanted to return home to farm. The farm again expanded and in 2010 Aaron and Greg formed Radermacher Dairy LLC.

Greg and Audrey handle the bookkeeping. Greg also helps feed, takes care of machinery repair and does a majority of the field work. Greg and Aaron together manage the cropland. Aaron manages the dairy herd and takes care of the calves along his wife Jessica and five children. Jessica also manages the employees and, along with granddaughter Faith, serves as a relief milker. Greg and Audrey’s son Isaac is in charge of heifer and manure management, helps with milking and field work. Grandson Zachary helps milk on weekends and is Aaron’s assistant herd manager.



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