Marhoun Family

Redwood County

The Marhouns’ orchard began with the planting of 150 trees in April 2012, after a tornado ripped through Belview the previous summer. The storm wiped out hundreds of old growth trees on the family’s property and left it bare. As the Marhouns planned their replanting, the idea of planting apple trees surfaced. Apple trees not only provide new growth and beauty, but could serve an additional purpose: apple wine.

The Marhouns’ original idea for an orchard went through many changes. The early plan was to use the apples to make wine for the family, but then expanded to making wine for the public. The operation grew from a simple apple orchard to a full-blown winery. There are now over 200 trees and most all the apples are used to make fresh apple wine on site.

Bill, Bonnie and Bailey Marhoun all participate in the care and upkeep of the orchard, from planting, trimming, watering and harvesting to crushing, juicing, wine making and bottling. The Marhouns also get help from friends.

The family organizes special events at the winery such as hosting Parkview Senior Living residents and Community Education functions. The Marhouns are members of the Minnesota Apple Growers Association.



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