David and Cheryl Jones

Pine County

David’s grandparents purchased the farm in 1912, bringing with them all their belongings by railcar from North Dakota. They raised hay, oats, and corn to feed their dairy cattle along with sheep and chickens. Their son, Wesley, married in 1941 and raised his family on the farm. In 1984, Wesley’s son, David, and his family moved to the farm raising cash crops. In 1989 the family started a garden business.

David and his wife, Cheryl, run a produce operation on about 6 acres of sandy loam soil. The rest of their tillable acreage is rented out. They grow a wide variety of produce including sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, onions, peppers, squash, pumpkins and more. During the summer the family takes produce to four different markets every week. David and Cheryl hire one employee to help.

David is in charge of tilling, weeding and whatever else needs to be done. He also works a full-time job in Anoka. Cheryl takes care of the day-to-day maintenance around the farm along with picking and organizing the produce. She attends three farmers markets each week.

Cheryl runs the farmers market in Sandstone and serves on the advisory committee of the Pine City market. She also does catering work. David is a supervisor on the township board, is on the citizen advisory committee of St. Croix State Park, and in the winter works as a ski instructor.


Pine County

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