The Krohn Family

Nicollet County

Warren and Rachel’s current farm site was purchased in 1950 in Granby Township by Warren’s parents, Melvin and Vivian. The farm consisted of 160 acres, half of it tillable, with the remainder used for grazing and haying. Throughout the years the farm expanded to include dairy cows, Holstein steers, sows and finisher hogs.

In 1978, the dairy cows were sold and the Krohns added Prairieland Pork to the operation, a 1,200-sow farrowing site. They also added Krohn Pork, made up of four 1,000-head finishing barns. In 2012 Prairieland Pork was sold and sons Brent and Bryce joined the operation with rented land, and in 2016 they expanded the business by adding a custom manure dragline operation.

The current farm consists of corn, soybeans, finishing barns and the manure application business.

The Krohns also have a daughter, Kelsey, who along with her husband, Justin Horn, has two children: Karis and Logan.

The Krohn family is very involved in their community. Family members are active in the Nicollet County Pork Producers, Minnesota Valley Lutheran High School and Trinity Lutheran Church. Brent is also a graduate of the MARL program and is a member of the New Ulm Young Professionals leadership team.


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