The Kathrein Family

Morrison County

Clint grew up with his family raising hogs, sheep and Charolais cattle. He was active in 4-H and FFA. One of his favorite things was showing cattle. By the time Clint graduated from high school, he had shown cattle in over 20 states for his family and other breeders. Roxane grew up in the country, where her family raised a few hogs and cattle for themselves.

In 1994, Clint and Roxane purchased their farm in Morrison County, only a mile away from Clint’s parents. Clint and Roxane took over his parents’ Charolais herd while his father expanded the sheep flock.

Today, the Kathreins raise 45 registered Charolais and 30 commercial cows. Almost all of the animals’ feed is raised on the farm and nearby on rented land. In 2012, the Kathreins’ Charolais herd became a cooperator herd for Leachman Cattle of Colorado, where the focus is on low birth weight, high marbling, feed- efficient Charolais breeding stock.

Clint and Roxane have two daughters. Kaylee is a student at North Dakota State University and Kendra will attend Itasca Community College this fall.

Clint served as Morrison County Fair board president for the past eight years and Roxane has been fair manager for three. Clint is the current president of the Minnesota-Wisconsin Charolais Association and is a past director with the Mississippi Valley Cattlemen. Roxane is the Mississippi Valley Princess coordinator and volunteers with various 4-H and FFA activities.


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