Kevin and Jennifer Bliss Family

Hubbard County

Ed and Dena Bliss purchased their 212-acre farm south of Nevis in the 1924. The next generation of the family, Fred and ElVeda, began farming in 1953 and expanded the farm to 932 acres. They raised cattle, hogs, hay, corn, barley and edible beans. Fred retired from farming in 1992 and all the land was rented out for the next 20 years.

Since 2012, the Bliss farm has been run by Kevin and Jennifer. They grow corn, soybeans, wheat, oats and hay on 800 acres. The couple started raising livestock in 1996 on a different farm with a small herd of six Hereford heifers. They’ve grown the herd to 25 cows. The Bliss family farm is also home to a small lot of sows and feeder pigs.

Kevin and Jennifer have three children: Zachary, Hannah and Emma. Kevin handles the field work and Zachary takes care of the livestock.

Kevin and Zachary are 4-H volunteers. The Bliss children were and are the third generation of the family to be involved in 4-H. Emma is currently treasurer of the Stony Lake Beavers 4-H Club and a Hubbard County ambassador.  Zachary and Emma are members of the 4-H Livestock Project Development Committee.


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