William and Catherine Sexten

Aitkin County

William and Catherine purchased their farm in the fall of 1975. They started raising turkeys for Land O’Lakes. At first, the couple raised 2,000 breeder hens and 10,000 commercial birds for meat processing. In 1981, the Sextens switched to producing only commercial birds—40,000 to 50,000 annually. Five years later, William and Catherine switched from turkeys to sheep. In 1990, they moved from sheep to the beef cow/calf operation that exists on the farm today.

The Sexten Farm is a 30 head cow/calf business-- they sell feeder calves. The farm’s main crop is hay; they grow some small grains for the herd’s feed and bedding. The Sextens also sell hay for horses and straw to contractors for landscaping.

William and Catherine are equal partners in the decision-making and day-to- day operation of their farm. When their daughter, Jennifer, was growing up she helped with various tasks.

William currently serves as president of the Aitkin-Carlton County Farm Bureau. He is a past member of the Minnesota Turkey Growers Association Board, a former Land O’Lakes Young Farmer of the Year and a past member of the Aitkin County Extension Committee.

Aitkin Farm Family

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