Zeug Family Farm

Thomas and DeVonna
Redwood County

The Zeug farm was established in 1877 when Tom’s great, great grandfather, John, purchased 170 acres of homestead land for $1.25 an acre. In 1902, Tom’s great-grandfather, Joseph, took over the farm and continued farming until his death in 1926. Joseph’s son, also named Joseph, took over the operation and became one of the first farmers in Redwood County to grow soybeans. He also began raising seed stock soybeans along with wheat and oats. Joseph launched the family business, Zeug Farm Seeds. When Joseph died, his son and daughter ran the farm until 1990 when Tom and DeVonna purchased it.

The Zeugs still continue the tradition of raising seed stock soybeans, along with corn. A few years ago the family contracted with Christensen Farms to build a 3,300 head hog facility. The Zeugs are adding a wind turbine to their operation as well.

Tom and DeVonna farm with their sons, Matt and Myles, Tom’s brother, Paul, and his wife, Krista, and Tom’s father, Donald, who helps as much as possible.

Tom is involved with the Lucan Lions Club, Lucan Fire Department and is on the Johnsonville Township Board. DeVonna is on the Redwood County Corn and Soybean Board, Redwood County Farm Bureau and Wabasso Commercial Club. DeVonna is a past President of the Minnesota Corn Growers Association.

redwood, 2016

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