Frogtown Farm

Ramsey County

Frogtown Farm was founded in the Frogtown neighborhood in St. Paul by four neighbors who recognized the need for gardening space. The garden opened last fall and this year is its inaugural season.

The organizers of Frogtown Farm are applying permaculture principles into their design and they are building sustainability into every aspect of the operation.  The farm’s goal is to cultivate soil and community—there are complementary educational and community engagement programs.

In an effort to build a broad base of support and increase community ownership of the farm organizers have created a strategic community engagement plan that fosters relationships with many stakeholders.

Frogtown Farm has many dedicated people behind it. Including Eartha Bell, Cherry Flowers, Tim Page, Alissa Jacobsen, Stephanie Hankerson and Xiongpao “XP” Lee. The farm also has a very committed board of directors.

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