Vander Wal Family Farm

John and Berlinda
Pipestone County

In 2005, John and Berlinda Vander Wal made the decision to move with their five children from Alberta, Canada to Pipestone, Minnesota. The family built a dairy and began milking 600 cows in November, 2006. Over the years the Vander Wals expanded their operation and they currently milk 2,000 cows. The family raises their calves in a robotic calf feeding facility.

John and Berlinda have five children. The oldest daughter, Jenn, is married to Steve Landman and they have a one year-old daughter, Brooklin. The next oldest daughter is Alisha and she and her husband, Trevor Ekkel, are partners in the Vander Wal’s dairy and they have a son, John, who is less than a year-old. Daughters Bernice and Amy-Jo Vander Wal are currently enrolled in college majoring in animal science and ag business and the Vander Wal’s son Ian will be a junior this fall at Pipestone Area Schools.

The family is actively involved in 4-H, the Pipestone County Dairy Association, Pipestone County DHIA and the Minnesota Junior Holstein Association. John serves as president of the Minnesota Holstein Association and the family are members of First Christian Reform Church of Edgerton.

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