TS Ranch

Troy, Stephanie, Tate and Alexis Promersberger
Koochiching County

Troy and Stephanie were married in 1996.  After living for a few years in town the couple purchased a 90 acre farm just outside of Littlefork in northern Minnesota.  The Promersbergers started farming in 1999 with a small herd of registered Red Angus cattle, soon after that registered Black Angus were added. Over the following years Troy and Stephanie expanded their operation by purchasing more land.  They also expanded their family– adding children, Tate and Alexis.

In the spring they sell registered breeding stock bulls by private treaty.  They sell some heifers as well at the Minnesota State Red and Black Angus sale.  The family owns horses that are used to sort cattle and to compete in rodeos.

TS Ranch is a family operation. All family members help with the daily chores.

The Promersbergers are members of the Minnesota Red and Black Angus Association and are active in 4-H.   Troy served on the Koochiching County Soil and Water Conservation District and Stephanie has devoted time to the Northern Minnesota District Fair for many years.  Tate and Alexis also compete in numerous rodeos throughout Minnesota.

koochiching, 2016

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