Behounek Dairy Farm

Ron & Rhonda Behounek
Dodge County

Ron’s family moved from Iowa to Minnesota in 1953.  In the early ‘70’s Ron built a 40-cow tie stall barn on the family’s acreage and purchased an entire registered Holstein herd from a retiring farmer.  That same year he married Rhonda.  The acquisition of the Holstein herd was the foundation for a life dedicated to the dairy industry.   In 1974 Ron and Rhonda purchased the 120 acre home farm and soon after purchased an adjacent 320 acres primarily for raising feed.   A free stall barn and parlor were added in 2006.  The family also raises bison.

Ron and Rhonda’s sons, Kyle and Keith, currently farm with their parents in Behounek Dairy Incorporated.  The family milks 250 cows twice a day.  The milk is trucked to AMPI in Rochester.  The farm operates with six hired employees.

Kyle Behounek is in charge of mixing feed rations, field work and fixing machinery.  Keith is the herdsman, keeps records, is in charge of payroll and does field work.  Keith’s fiancée, Heather, also works on the farm and they have a son, Kutter.

Dodge, 2016

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