Minnesota Fresh Farm

Johnson Family
Anoka County

Bruce and Sharon Johnson farm the land that was farmed by Bruce’s father and grandfather. Bruce’s grandfather raised potatoes and a variety of other crops on the land, his parents ran a sod farm.

Today, Bruce and Sharon, along with their son, Luke, and his wife, Liz, have 72 acres in Anoka County. 15 acres are in vegetable production, 25 acres are rented for sod and the rest are wooded.

The Johnsons use sustainable production on their farm. Almost all of their crops are raised without pesticides. They use only a light application of nitrogen fertilizer.

The Johnsons have a passion for educating youth about farming. They also work closely with Opportunity Services in Anoka which allows the special needs population the chance to experience the land. In addition, the Johnsons work with a Twin Cities-based charter school to help students better understand sustainably-grown crops and pollinators. The family credits the University of Minnesota with providing a great deal of educational material that assists them with their farm.

The family is active in local community organizations including the East Bethel Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Farm Bureau Federation, Minnesota Farmers Union, Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association and the Sustainable Farming Association of Minnesota.

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