Reuter Family Farm

Washington County

The Reuter Family Farm was established in 1934, and is located in May Township north of Stillwater. In the late 50’s, Bill and his brother George joined their father’s operation, which is now operated by Bill and Bill’s nephew Steve. Today, the farm consists of 400 acres, which produces corn, oats, alfalfa and pasture. The family milks 45 Holstein dairy cows and raise a mixture of heifers and beef cattle.

Bill and his late wife, Carol, raised five children, and are blessed to have them all in the metro area. Three of their daughters are still involved in farming as they each married dairy farmers. Bill and Carol have 11 grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

Aside from operating the farm, Bill and Carol operated VR Trucking for the past 55 years. Carol handled all of the administrative duties and Bill hauled livestock to various stockyards. Bill was involved in 4-H as a child and stayed involved by hauling 4-H cattle to the various fairs. Bill is a member of the Washington County ADA and participates in various dairy workshops and seminars sponsored by local suppliers and businesses. Bill is also an active member of St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Stillwater, MN.

washington, 2015

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