Goblirsch Dairy

Redwood County

Goblirsch Dairy is a family operation run primarily by Nels, Matt, Bernard and Mary Clare Goblirsch. The robotic dairy that is now located on the original homestead of Joseph Goblirsch, Bernard’s father, was built in 2005. Bernard and Mary Clare had nine children, two of whom help run the farm.

Nels and his wife Shannon returned to the farm after he completed his training in precision tool and robotics. The barn that now stands on the farm is composed of a 140 by 290 foot building with slatted floors and a manure pit below it. It was built to house four robots. In 2007, Lely Robots were installed. The barn also has 252 free stalls with water beds for cow comfort.

Everyone on the farm has their own specific jobs with Nels in charge of running the robot barn and farming. Matt is in charge of feeding and farming, while Mary Clare and Bernard remain in charge of the fresh cows. Kate takes care of feeding the calves.

Aside from staying busy on the farm, Nels is involved in Lucan Lions Club and is a volunteer firefighter.

redwood, 2015

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