Urban Farm and Garden Alliance

Ramsey County

The Urban Farm and Garden Alliance is a collaboration of six individual community gardens in St. Paul. Member gardens include Aurora St. Anthony Peace Sanctuary Garden, Lexington Commons, Pilgrim’s Community Garden, Morning Star Church Garden, Victoria Community Garden and the Greenhouse Garden. The group’s mission is to increase the effectiveness and number of gardeners involved in community and backyard gardens in the area. This is done by offering free education on sustainable gardening practices, healthy eating, reconciliation workshops, training in conflict resolution and by promoting social and environmental justice through cultivating and sharing of food.

Members of the alliance include Melvin Giles, Megan Phinney, Diane Dodge, Nate Galloway, Adrienne Hannert, Norma Roberts Hakizamana, Carmita McGlory, the Reverend Carl Walker and Melvin Emanuel.

The alliance has helped create access to healthy food in the Summit‐University and Frogtown neighborhoods in St. Paul. Its vision is to transform vacant lots, boulevards and backyards into a food production system that help feed the neighborhoods and connect people across cultures.

ramsey, 2015

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