Green Barn Garden Center

Sparks Family
Isanti County

The Green Barn Garden Center began in 1957 as a small vegetable stand owned and operated by George and Janice Sparks. It was originally a truck farm called Plainview Vegetable Market. After being painted bright green all the locals called it the Green Barn and so its name was eventually changed.

George and Janice’s children, Sally, Susan, Tony, David and George all helped out on the farm. Tony and his wife Cathy took over the business in 1982 and now run the operation.

Over the years two-and-a-half acres of  greenhouses were added to expand space for bedding plant production in addition to about 100 acres of potatoes, sweet corn, pumpkins, squash, tomatoes, peppers, melons and other crops that are grown and sold on site. Tony and Cathy work with their children, Donny and Kelsey, bringing the third generation of the Sparks family into the business.

Green Barn Garden Center works with local organizations such as the Isanti County Master Gardeners and hosts international students through the University of Minnesota’s MAST program.

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