Keene Farms

Washington County

The Keene Family Farm located near Hastings, MN started in 1959 with chickens, sheep, and steers.  One 40 acre parcel of land has been in the family since 1883, belonging to Jeff’s great-great grandfather. In 2010 Keene Farms LLC was formed between Jeff Keene and his son Nicholas.  Today Jeff and Nicholas crop farm using grid sampling for crop inputs. They also use variable rate lime and fertilizer, and some variable planting. Jeff and Nancy two daughters; Angela and Suzanne.  They also have one son, Nicholas, who is married to Natalia.   Jeff and Nancy are also blessed with five grandsons. 

Jeff is on the Board of Directors at River Country Co-op.  He is also involved in the Citizen-Assisted Lake Monitoring Program for Metropolitan Council.  Nancy has been a Sunday school teacher, 4-H leader, and a volunteer for the USSA Ski Team.

washington, 2014

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