Grandview Valley Winery

Redwood County

The Rigge family land has been in the family for 4 generations.  Since its initial purchase, the land has always been in the process of being improved to make it more suitable for farming.  The land was originally used for grain farming, but things changed in 2008 when a small test vineyard was planted.  The Rigge family liked what they saw, and in 2009 they turned 7 ½ acres of their land into a vineyard.  To care for the vineyard, in the winter, the family aggressively prunes the vines to increase production and ensure vine health.  In the spring and summer months, they prune them again and train the vines.  In the fall, the grapes are harvested and the wine making process begins right on their land.  In 2013, the Rigges harvested 28,000 pounds of grapes.  The entire family works together, each having their own role in the business.  Wayne is in charge of the general maintenance and management of the vineyard.  John is the winemaker, Kari is in charge of bookkeeping, and Laura does the marketing.  They also employ 18 part-time employees for wait staff and kitchen staff.

The Rigge family is members of MN Grown and the MN Grape Growers Association.

redwood, 2014

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