Stieg Family Farm

Hennepin County

Dennis Stieg’s grandparents arrived in Hennepin County from Northern Germany in 1885.  They began a traditional dairy farm, with cows, horses, hogs, chickens, ducks, and geese.  They also had hay to sell for extra money.  In fact, Dennis’s grandfather would haul hay into Minneapolis for the horses at the fire barns, using a sled pulled by horses.  Today the century farm located in the Corcoran/ Maple Grove area is a cash crop farm, growing corn, soybeans, and hay.  Dennis and Jan have three children; Geri Lynn Strand, Tad Stieg, and Trevor Stieg.  All three children were instrumental in the farm’s successes over the years. 

For 33 years, Dennis taught and coached at Osseo Sr. High School where he was Head Basketball Coach.  He started the girls’ basketball program, as well as the Special Learning Disabilities Program.  He has also been president of his church; initiated Corcoran Parks and Trails Committee, Corcoran Planning Committee, and Corcoran Compensation Plan; the Elm Creek Watershed Board; Met Council Land Use Committee; and the Eagle State Bank Board.  Jan is very involved in church activities.  She was also a 4-H member as a youth and later a 4-H leader.  Jan has been very involved in the daily operation of the farm.

Last year Dennis and Jan, along with some friends went on a two week agricultural tour in Brazil.  They were amazed at the size of the farms (largest 350,000 acres) and how competitive they’ve become in agricultural production.

hennipen, 2014

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