Dale and Julie Schwartz

Sibley County

Dale’s grandfather purchased the Schwartz Family farm in 1921.  Following him, Dale’s parents bought it.  Dale and Julie moved on to the farm in 1983 and in 1988 they bought it. The original 80 acre farm had dairy, hogs, and poultry.  Today the farm has 600 acres of land.  The Schwartz family grows corn, soybeans, alfalfa, and oats.  Dale and Julie also have a 100 cow dairy operation and a 120 heifer replacement herd. Dale and Julie have two children, Michael and Jackie (married to Brian).  Michael works full time on the farm, working with the dairy, crops, and mechanics.  Jackie works three days off the farm.  The other four days of the week, she helps with milking and fieldwork.  Brian works a job where he travels often, but when he is home, he helps with the dairy and crops.  Brian has a seven year old daughter, Morgan.  Morgan enjoys spending time on the farm.

In the community, Dale and Julie have hosted Breakfast on the Farm.  They are also members of MMPA, National Dairy Promotion, MN Dairy Promotion, MN Farmers Union, NFIB, MN DHIA, and Farm Business Management.  Dale is also a church chairman and has held numerous other positions.  Julie is treasurer for Green Isle Township Board, a church organist, and is involved with many church committees.  Michael is a past Sibley County Fair Board member and Jackie is a past Miss Arlington.  

sibley, 2013

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