Rys Farms

Pine County

Tom and Nancy began farming in 1989.  In 1992, they built their current farmstead.  This year their daughter Cami and her husband Joe Babolik joined the corporation.  Joe came on the farm full time to ensure future continuation of the operation.  Rys Farms Inc. crop farms 1,500 acres, half in corn and half in soybeans.  They own 500 of the acres and rent the rest.  In addition to crop farming, the Rys famiy owns and operates the local grain elevator where they assist 20-25 neighboring farmers to dry, store, and market their grain.  They are currently expanding their grain storage from 202,000 bushels to 317,000 bushels.  Tom and Nancy also have had a Pioneer seed agency for 13 years.  Tom and Nancy are a dynamic husband and wife team who have many years of farm related services.  They work together to manage a successful crop farm.  On the farm son-in-law Joe is in charge of the soil management and a talented equipment operator.  Joe’s wife Cami also helps on the farm with the farm accounting.  Cami and Joe have three children, Macie (6), Milo (5), and Melia (1).  Tom’s brother John Rys also helps on the farm. 

Tom and Nancy are very active in their church.  They are also Farm Bureau members.  In addition, Nancy is the chair of the Rock Creek Planning Commission.

pine, 2013

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