Leaderbrand Brothers

Otter Tail County

Henry and Kate Leaderbrand established the Leaderbrand family farm in the 1920s.  Following Henry and Kate, Arnold and 16 year old Roger began farming together.  In the 1970s, brothers Wayne and Jay took over their father’s farm. Today they have 150 sows that they farrow to finish.  They also have 200 cows, a 40 head cattle finish lot, 20 ewes, and 1500 acres of land where they grow corn, hay, peas, clover, and oats. The Leaderbrands irrigate 140 acres of their land and use crop rotation.  At the age of 86, Roger is still active on the family farm. Wayne and his wife Kelley have one son, Ryan.  Jay and his wife Tammy have two sons, Nathan and Justin. 

Wayne and Jay’s families are members of St. Peter Lutheran Church and Irrigators Associations of MN.  Wayne is on the Board of Cenex and FSA.  He also sells REA Seed corn.  Wayne, Ryan, and Nathan are members of the East Otter Tail Dark House Association. 

otter tail, 2013

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