Loren and Deb Eken

Norman County

Eken Farm in Twin Valley, MN is a fourth generation farm that is now run by Loren and Deb Eken.  The 400-acre certified organic farm grows spring wheat, barley, peas, rye, sunflowers, soybeans, alfalfa, clover, and grass hay.  They also plant a variety of companion and cover crops.  70 of the 400 acres are used to practice rotational grazing of yearling cattle in an EQIP prescribed grazing contract.  Loren also helps manage CRP contracts on his parents’ land.  Loren and Deb have three grown children, Laura, Cale, and Kaitlin.

Loren is a member of the Supervisory Committee for Pine to Prairie Credit Union in Twin Valley.  He is also a member of Zion Lutheran Church in Twin Valley and belongs to Minnesota Chapter of Organic Crop Improvement Association, Northern Plains Sustainable Ag Society, Sustainable Farming Association, and Minnesota Farmer’s Union. 

norman, 2013

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