Marlyn and Jolene Nystrom

Nobles County

Marlyn and Jolene both grew up in farming families.  Compared to most farms in their area, Marlyn and Jolene enjoy their small farm where they raise corn and soybeans.  They spend most of their time in a greenhouse nursery on their acreage where they sell antiques.  They also grow pumpkins, squash, gourds and corn that they sell in a roadside stand.  Marlyn and Jolene do most of the day-to-day operations.  Marlyn works with the crops while Jolene runs the greenhouse nursery. They also get help from their daughter Karin who fills the antique shop and works in the garden, and from their son Ethan who helps wherever is needed.  In addition, their adopted grandchildren and Karin and Jeremy’s boys assist where they can.

Marlyn and Jolene are agriculture ambassadors educating school groups and families about farm life.  They enjoy growing an abundance of vegetables, which are contributed to the local food bank and are given to various groups.  They are also very involved in their church.

nobles, 2013

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