Lise and David Abazs

Lake County

Bedrock lies less than two feet below most of the soil on Round River Farm in Finland, MN, and frost can occur at any month of the year, including July. At the time of purchase in 1988, the Abazs farm was a 40 acre abandoned Finnish homestead.  Today it is a solar, wind, and human powered homestead using sustainable growing methods such as green manures, crop rotations, and companion planting.  The Abazs family intensively cultivates less than an acre and provides vegetables for 70-100 families through a direct marketing approach called Community Supported Agriculture.  They also raise sheep for wool, chicken for eggs, and bees for pollination and honey.  Most of their land is covered with a mixed forest from which they harvest balsam and other greens to weave holiday wreaths for mail order.  Sons Colby and Tremayne help Lise and David when they are home from college.

In the community, Lise is an involved with Superior CSA Farmers Guild and the North Shore Growers Group.  David is involved with Western Lake Superior Regional Food System Assessment, Superior Food Compact, MN Grown and Superior Grown Label, and Wolf Ridge Organic Farm at the Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center.  He was also involved with Victus Farms, a fish, plants, and algae recirculating greenhouse facility for the City of Silver Bay and the University of Minnesota Duluth Joint Project.

lake, 2013

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