Kor and Ciska Mulder

Lac qui Parle County

Mulder Dairy was established in 2001 when Kor and Ciska arrived in the United States from the Netherlands.  Immediately when they arrived in Lac qui Parle County, they began milking 30 cows in an existing milk parlor.  There was also a barn on the property which they filled with 100 cows in just a few months.  In 2006, Mulder Dairy built a heifer barn for 150 head and modified an existing calf barn for the baby calves.  Today Kor and Ciska milk 150 Holsteins, black and white, red and white, and Brown Swiss twice a day.  The cows go outside in the 15 acre pasture every day for a few hours all year long.  On the farm, Kor is the milking manager and does the breeding, record keeping, and cleaning.  Ciska does all the feeding and helps in milking.  Sons Garion and Kelsey milk, feed, clean, and do chores.

Kor belongs to the American Dairy Association. Kor and Ciska have been involved in 4-H being leaders of the Northstar 4-H club, being on various committees, and helping assist their boys in showing calves at the Lac qui Parle fair.  Ciska was also very involved with the Bellingham School and organizing the annual Halloween Party as a fundraiser for the school.  All four of them enjoy riding horse and Kor and Kelsey also like riding bike.

lac_qui_parle, 2013

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