Roger and Bernice Anderson

Kittson County

Roger Anderson of Kittson County farmed with his family for three generations growing mostly sugar beets, wheat, soybeans, and barley.  He also grew canary grass, mustard, and dry beans.  Roger and Bernice have two children.  Son Sevrin lives in Grand Forks and farms with Roger and Bernice.  Daughter Stacy is married to Josh Hoen.  Stacy and Josh live in the cities and have blessed Roger and Bernice with two grandchildren; Paige and Greyson.

Roger’s community involvement includes being treasurer of Teien Township, being a member of Skseberg Lutheran Church, and serving on many church committees.  He has been the manager and is now the president of the Two Rivers Watershed District.   He is also a current member of MN Association of Wheat Growers and the Red River Valley Sugar beet Growers Association.  Roger’s wife, Bernice, has been a member of the Kittson Central Community Education Board.  She has also been an active member of Skseberg Lutheran Church, Sunday school teacher, and WELCA.  She is currently the chairman of the Alter Committee and is the secretary of the church council.

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