Cartwright Family

Faribault County

David’s father, Dwayne Cartwright, started farming with a dairy herd after he was discharged from the Navy in 1946.  David joined the operation in the mid 1970’s and took it over when Dwayne retired in 1985.  Currently the Cartwright Farm owns/rents 1500 acres and has a herd of registered Texas Longhorn cows that calf every year.  On the farm, David is the “final decision maker” and his wife Norma works full time at the FSA.  David and Norma have four sons Andrew, Joseph, Jared, and Aaron.  All four sons live close to the farm and are a major part of the energy and effort in running the farm.  In addition to working on the farm, Andrew works full time at Corn Plus and is a member of Minnesota National Guard and Joseph owns Cartwright Body and Paint south of Winnebago.

The Cartwright’s believe that farming is a heritage, generation to generation and look forward to passing it on to the generations to come!

faribault, 2013

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