Troy and Lisa Erickson

Cottonwood County

Troy Erickson planted his first crop in 1986.  Since then he has taken on the Asgrow Dealership, the Dekalb Dealership, and the Precision Dealership. Today, Troy and Lisa raise Asgrow beans and Dekalb corn, on a corn and soybean rotation. Troy’s father, Dennis is also part of the operation.  The Ericksons have a family operation where each family member contributes. Daughters Cassandra and Carissa help Lisa in the seed warehouse folding bulk bags, stacking seed, and cleaning.  Son Jake helps his father and grandfather in the fields planting, spraying, and harvesting.  He also helps in the seed warehouse. Natasha, the youngest, is learning how to pick rocks like her older siblings.  Lisa’s father Wayne assists as needed in the warehouse and with harvesting.

In the community, Troy has helped to maintain a grant from Monsanto to help with the repairs to the Cottonwood County 4-H Food Stand and a grant from AgStar to put CPR class back into the Red Rock Central High School Curriculum.  He is also on the Red Rock Central Board of Education and is on the Red Rock Central’s FFA Advisory Board.  Lisa has been an active member in their church with the teaching of Sunday school and Vacation Bible School.  She has also been a 4-H leader, which the entire family is involved in.  

Cottonwood, 2013

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