Jopp Family

Carver County

As their farm name implies, the Jopp Family Farm has been in existence for over 100 years.  In fact, the farm was established 143 years ago by Ryan’s great-great grandfather, making Ryan a 5th generation farmer.  Currently, the Jopp family milks 95 cows and raises their own young stock. The dairy cows are housed in a 49 cow tie-stall and a 65 cow, sand bedded free stall barn.  The dry cows are housed in a sand bedded free stall facility.  Young stock and heifers are housed and grouped accordingly in various barns.  Baby calves are kept in the nursery facility where they have individual pens. The number one goal at Jopp Century Farms is cow comfort and quality product.  The Jopp family strives to produce a quality product for consumers as is shown with the herd average of 80-85 lbs. per day and somatic counts under 70,000. They also raise alfalfa and corn on 220 acres.  The crops are used to produce hay and corn silage, high moisture corn, and baled hay. Ryan farms and co-owns the farm with his parents Rick and Colleen Jopp.  Rick’s brother, Phil also works on the farm. 

The Jopp family is involved in the community be participating in various dairy seminars or dairy workshops sponsored by local suppliers and businesses.

carver, 2013

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